Academic & Teaching Qualifications
Academic & Teaching Qualifications
I’ve been blessed to study in the best educational institutions locally and overseas and I hope to return some of the privilige. I hold a Master’s degree from Oxford University and Bachelor’s degree from London School of Economics.
Variety of Teaching Methods
Variety of Teaching Methods
Every student is unique in his or her learning style. Some students prefer to do more practices; others prefer to read model answers and emulate them. I employ diverse teaching methodologies so that students best learn in the ways they find useful.
Engaging GP Lessons
Engaging GP Lessons
At Irwins’ Study, I believe that active participation in class dicussions is invaluable to my students’ learning. My classes allow students to feel comfortable expressing themselves, while allowing them to learn from their peers as well.
Useful GP Skills & Content
Useful GP Skills & Content
To do well in GP you need to be strong in every aspect – grammar, vocabulary, comprehension etc – all of which Irwins’ Study will dutifully prepare you for. We give you the confidence that you can tackle every aspect of the GP Paper.

5 Reasons why you should take GP seriously

1. You improve your English, which makes you better at almost all your other subjects.

If you are an arts student taking Geography, Literature and History, it is obvious that doing well in GP will help you in your other H2 subjects as well. Nobody can proudly call themselves an art student when they cannot express themselves confidently and argue convincingly. Even if you are not an arts student, you write essays in Science too and you probably take Economics, a subject that is rather essay-driven.

2. You become more impressive as an individual.

GP gifts students the ability to think analytically and express themselves. This means that if you can excel in GP, you are not likely to be that someone who only knows how to memorise the textbook. In order to become successful in life, intangible skills like critical thinking and self-expression become important, especially when you come into contact with prospective scholarship providers and employers. You want to come across as a well-spoken, well-read and mature person.

3. Anyone can enjoy studying the subject.

Some people consider themselves artsy, others think they are more ‘science-y’. If there is one subject that can be enjoyed by anyone, it has to be GP. If you are a history buff, you can explore topics like geopolitics. If you are more of a Science whiz, you may find topics such as stem-cell research fascinating. So long as you are interested in a particular subject, GP allows you to explore it, the GP way of course, which brings us to the next point.

4. GP is a way of learning itself.

The GP way is an engagement of the mind. It compels students to appreciate different viewpoints, substantiate arguments and explore possibilities. This is why it is so different from your other subjects. You do not approach GP the way you would say, Chemistry. You learn to be constrained only by how far your mind can wander, which in our view is limitless. Isn’t it liberating to know that you don’t have to fear not remembering formulas, or at least be restricted to only using them? In a GP exam, you are encouraged to show off all that you have, not ‘only what is in the syllabus’.

5. It doesn’t take that much effort, really.

Yes, we started out by saying that learning GP may be tough work, but it can be simple, if you have the correct approach. Firstly, you don’t have to memorise every issue of The Straits Times or the entire Wikipedia to score. Many of our students choose to focus on topics related to their other subjects, and this cuts down on the time they spend trying to memorise facts that are not meaningful to them.

Secondly, it is true that the GP learning curve is steeper, because sacrificing time to learn it does not necessarily produce results. You will need someone to show you the right way to engage with issues and come up with cogent arguments. But once you have mastered the skills, you are pretty much good to go.

GP is an oddball of a subject, but that’s the beauty of it as well.

Learn to appreciate the skills it can ultimately develop in you and to approach it with an open mind –

You will surely be rewarded handsomely if you do so.

Want to find out more?


SMS or whatsapp Mr Irwin at 98-333-156 and he will be more than happy to give you more information on:

– What a typical GP lesson is like
– GP materials that he creates
– Learning environment of the tuition centres

…and anything else!

GP Skills & Content We Cover:

  • Improving students’ command of language (Grammar and Vocabulary)
  • Paper 1 Essay Writing Skills for effective paragraph development
  • Paper 2 Comprehension Skills including different question analysis and useful annotation of the reading passage
  • Helping students develop a personal style in writing essays and AQ answers
  • Honing students’ ability to craft complex arguments into clear, concise sentences
  • Providing students with breadth and depth of knowledge that students can use for their essays