The Tutordixon

I have been incredibly blessed, having had the opportunity to do my undergraduate and postgraduate studies at various renowned universities around the world (Bachelor’s degree at London School of Economics & Master’s degree at Oxford University).

I thus consider it my personal mission to use education as a tool to change the world for the better.

I set up Irwin’s Study in 2009 with the aim of helping students excel in GP, an important subject that gifts each student with a better appreciation of world affairs and the capacity to think rigorously.



I’ve spent the past many years teaching GP and have enjoyed it tremendously.

The power of youth is their thirst for knowledge and an open mind to the world. I never fail to be amazed by their fresh perspectives and unique insights.

I believe that our youths can contribute greatly to society, so long as we teach them how to channel their energy and talents to worthy causes.

I also understand that more often than not, the most needy students are those who lack access to quality GP tuition.

Thus, I have decided to do my fair share to give back to society – by partnering organisations such as MENDAKI and Singapore Cancer Society and providing subsidised or even free tuition services.

Today, I continue to strive towards helping each and every of my student succeed, by keeping my content relevant, and my methodology refined.

I’ve seen my fair share of students, and can say that with the willingness to learn, anyone can expect to do well in GP with proper guidance.

Join me today to transform your GP experience into something much more meaningful!